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Professional Logo Design for Businesses

Who are you...and what are you about?

Being able to clearly define your business visually and its purpose through a strong and effective logo design will significantly help prospective customers answer those questions. If you’re looking to make your business easily identifiable to a vast public, establish it within a particular industry and differentiate it from competitors then you’ve landed in the right place.  

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A Typical Logo Design Process


We came to you in your dreams, you were referred to us by a friend, or you searched for “best logo designer in Baltimore” on Google. Whatever the case may be, here we are on the phone, Zoom call, or in a coffee shop discussing your vision. 

These preliminary conversations allow us to explain our process, share the benefits of using a professional designer for your brand (hint: there are lots), and explain how we structure costs to your project. By the end of our discussions, if you’d like to move forward with us, we’ll work with you to determine exactly what your project will entail (your scope of work) and will send you a contract outlining all the details and an invoice for your work deposit. Once both have been completed, work begins!


The Discovery phase allows us to do a deep dive into your business. We take time to learn the unique story of your brand — your history, culture, values, pain points, goals, and more. Then, we take all of the insights we’ve learned back to our team to begin the process of turning them into tangible design.


Our creators will take your vision and the insights we’ve collected in our Discovery phase and begin the logo design process. The design process typically consists of research to collect ideas and inspiration, brainstorming and collaborative sketching, digital creation of logo concepts, and refinement.

When we’ve tweaked and refined your logo to our standards, we’ll present the for your review.

Feedback & Refinements

Your scope of work will include a specified number of hours for feedback and refinements. Our team will take your feedback and make the necessary changes. We’ll work collaboratively with you to get your logo to a final design.


Congratulations! When your logo is finalized, we’ll prepare it for you to share it with the world. Final logo files are delivered upon final payment of the invoice.

Logo Design Add-ons

Contact us to start discussing your vision.